The Common Questions We Receive About Our Staffing Solutions

When was your firm founded?

TJA Staffing Services was founded in 1985.

What is the focus of your firm?

Executive Search, Corporate & Diversity Training, Management Consulting, and Staffing.

What percent of placements are at the following compensation level?

Up to $100,000: 25%
$100,000 and above - 75%

What percent of placements are for diverse (women and minorities) candidates?

60% of our candidates are diverse candidates.

Does your firm have a code of ethics?

YES. Our code of ethics is to serve the client above and beyond their expectations. We provide the highest quality of service that meets the specifications identified by the client. To be honest, always show integrity, being thorough and expedient in completing an assignment.

Describe the selection process used by your firm.

The vast majority of our applicants are recruited from Fortune 500 companies or referred to us by people who are knowledgeable experts in the field from which we are recruiting. They are usually employed and on a good career path. We entice them to your company by offering better career opportunities, more money and/or a better work environment. Our firm also maintains a solid file of applicants from a variety of employment backgrounds.

Do you conduct face-to-face interviews with the candidates?

YES. Every applicant receives at least a one (1) hour face-to-face interview.

Does your firm conduct background checks on its candidates?

TJA Staffing Services conduct personal, local, and national police and FBI background Checks.

What quality techniques are used to ensure successful placement of candidates?

The most popular technique is our national personal referral sources, Resume Bank, and Partnerships.

After selecting qualified applicants, we use telephone screening, skype as well as an in-depth face-to-face interview with each candidate. During the interview process, the applicant is asked to respond to a series of questions specifically designed by TJA Staffing Services.

We also gather information from Human Resources to help us understand the job specifications and any additional criteria. The job specifications are then carefully matched against the qualifications of the candidate.

We also communicate with the hiring authority to ascertain information regarding the company’s corporate culture and any special needs or desires of the company. We use the DiSC Personal Profile Test to ascertain behavioral tendencies.

After gathering all of this information, we are then confident that our applicant not only meets the job specifications but will successfully adapt to your company’s cultural environment.

If an applicant is relocating, we provide them with assistance regarding viable neighborhood schools and assist them in fully integrating into their new community.